Soulbringer's GP4 blog: 2013

lördag 28 december 2013

tisdag 26 november 2013

2012 Red Bull RB8 Midd season version.


Description: Made from scratch it is 2012 Red Bull car, British Grand Prix version without Wings For Life textures though
This one features car 2 shape and texture (Mark Webber). Apprpriate thing to do I think since Mark has left Formula one now.
No lower lods though. Enjoy

onsdag 30 oktober 2013

F2012 b, for GP4

Description: Midd season Ferrari f2012b spec. car for use in Gp4.Only driver one shape this time too, and no lower lods due to lack of free time. Free to use, convert and modify as long as appropriate credit is given. Enjoy.

tisdag 29 oktober 2013

Mclaren MP4-28, Spa version for gp4

Mclaren Mp4-28 f1 car shape and textures for use in GP4. Only driver one shape this time, and no lower lods due to lack of time. Free to use, convert and modify as long as appropriate credit is given.

torsdag 17 oktober 2013


List of objects the cars are split into, just before exporting. I do not know how many there are. I do this to get normals right in zmodeler later on.

And There it is ingame, the image is manipulated (blur in background, color tone and lightning). Textures still work in progress though.

tisdag 1 oktober 2013

Shadows and lines

I’ve had less time to work further on this then I anticipated.
I managed to bake shadows (AO) and make body lines. On to the wing parts.
I should explain why this image looks weird as it does. I turned on “use no lights” in the scene to allow baked textured to show with out other shadings.
There are no lights affecting the car all shadings are printed on the texture.

torsdag 19 september 2013

Next step

I haven’t had much free time as I hoped to do this but car body an bigger part of the front wings are UV mapped. I will be away for a week and I’m going to resume work when I’m back.
Here is what UV’s look like atm. ugly! right? Mapping rest of the car and baking shadows is on to do next list, and texturing of course comes after that.


måndag 16 september 2013

Small updates

Some of them are truly tiny but the work around them has been extensive.


The shape is now done, I’ll start UV-mapping tomorrow I hope.

fredag 13 september 2013

Mp4-28 detail study

Working on those tiny details then.
The car is almost done (modeling). Rear endplate and diffusor have some parts missing. More to follow.


tisdag 20 augusti 2013


Started working on this one again after some time.
A lot have been done on body, I’ve also made wheel rims and some of interior.