Soulbringer's GP4 blog: 2014

tisdag 25 november 2014


Something different now.


Friend of mine and I are drawing/painting same motive for 14 days. This time I got to choose and I went with Zelda theme. I'm not really a fan and don't actually know much about series, I just thought it would be challenging enough. I tried not to influence my self much with existing material, and tried to make it in my own stile.
Hand drawn and inked on paper (old school ) and scanned... well I do not own a scanner any more so I used surf tablets scanning app. :-D
Painted in Photoshop.
Thank you.

onsdag 14 maj 2014

It’s been to long since I posted something here. Arghh the pressure!

Look what has been lying on my HD for few months now. I had some other exciting projects to work on, and wasn’t able to finish it.
It is almost finished on the outside, last I did was modeling PU, radiators and rest of inside. One positiv thing is I can use cockpit interior from my MP4-28 car. I doubt it’ll end up in game though.

torsdag 10 april 2014

Working on…

Forti FG03 for 1996 season.
WIP_0001_FG03_ 2 WIP_0002_FG03_1
Very unusual lines on this one, tough to shape right too.
Impossible to find good reference images, especially for the rear.
Anyway I’m pleased how it turned out. Right now I'm finishing details and starting UV mapping process.