Soulbringer's GP4 blog: Long gone…

tisdag 1 november 2011

Long gone…


Hi, Some of you might noticed I haven’t been updating blog to often lately.

How long has it been, I don’t dare to look.

Here are some WIP screenshots of what I managed to scrape here and there past few months.

I made some changes to Ferrari F150 launch version, turned it to Australian version.

WIP__0003_Layer 8WIP__0002_Layer 9

And made minor changes on Mercedes W02 too.

WIP__0004_Layer 7 WIP__0005_Layer 6

And Minor changes on McLaren Mp4/26…

WIP__0000_Layer 11 WIP__0001_Layer 10 

And I have been working on this one, besides some UV mapping ;-)

WIP__0009_Layer 2WIP__0008_Layer 3  WIP__0010_Layer 1WIP__0006_Layer 5WIP__0007_Layer 4


5 kommentarer:

  1. fantstiskt mannen!!! Ser mycket bra ut! :)

  2. all of the cars look fantastic Vladimir, it's nice that you updated your blog after long time...eagerly waiting for these great work of yours to be released :)

  3. Hi soulBringer

    my nick name is justspeeding and I'm a modeler and convertor for trackmania
    see my work here

    my quastion is , can I have permission to convert the x1 to Trackmania?
    for sure I give you cridits and link to your page and readme in the file . and do not share the 3d file
    plz contact me on also when it is negative gtrtz justspeeding

  4. @justspeeding
    I grant you permission to convert X1.
    I'd be glad if you gave me credit as you mentioned an also some screenshots when it's done. Cheers