Soulbringer's GP4 blog: Toro Rosso, Hispania Racing and some details.

onsdag 25 maj 2011

Toro Rosso, Hispania Racing and some details.

Finally I got some time to update this blog.
I have been mostly mapping some cars lately, not much to show therefore.
But I forgot to post some STR6 progress shots, so here they are.
I couldn’t resist making new Hispania Racing car the F111. I started modeling two days ago this is what I managed so far. I used my STR4 car as a base, everything behind upper airbox is scratch made though.
I thought this years McLaren is weirdest looking car. This one looks like it’s been in bee hive. You don’t get to see it because of checker flag livery on it.
luckily I found two images with nearly no paint on it, otherwise it would be hard to spot all those curves :-)
Well I care about details and at the same time try to keep poly count as low as possible, here are some of details I managed to create on these cars.
_0000_detail 5 _0001_detail 4 _0002_detail 3 _0003_detail 2 _0004_detail 1

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  1. fantastiskt mannen! Ser riktigt bra ut! :) /SkaningeN

  2. Fantastic blog Vladimir, thanks for keeping us updated about your work!:)